New Beginnings

I have been dealing with a lot of medical challenges lately but I am only looking into the future.  It is a brand new year and I’m looking forward to writing a book and motivational speak for events. I think that my past experiences make me who I am and I would never change any part of my experience. Although I pray to stop enduring pain and tests, I know that I am strong enough to deal with this.


I can harp on the fact that I just went through two bad scopes in two months and one was an endoscopy. I was supposed to be sedated for it and I was fully awake. It was honest to God, TORTURE! I just could not believe that she went through the procedure. She knew I was allergic to the sedative and gave me Benadryl which is honestly insane cause who really gets loopy with Benadryl ? Well like I said I can harp on this but I have to move forward and this has been bringing me down everyday so I just can’t keep it on my shoulders.

I will be going through another scope on Friday but this one doctor is going to be in the room but my surgeon and my nurse practitioner will be in there as well so I feel much better about this. I know that I will be sedated correctly by anesthesia and hopefully it all goes well. I am still having bad stomach pain so hopefully this test is the test to end all pain and tests.

Watching my family storm through each challenge with me is a reassuring feeling that is indescribable. I love each day more and more and respect them. Sometimes I stop and think, “What if it was my child?” or “What it is was one of them?” so for that I am thanking that I don’t have to watch someone suffer because its hard to watch a loved one go through everything I have gone through.

Otherwise, the Kings Donate Life group, which I run has been keeping me busy and inspired as always. I will be teaching a class of nurses tomorrow about organ donation and I am excited about that so I will let you know if I get any sign ups on the spot.


For now,

Be well, Live every moment grateful and most of all, Be Happy that you are you!





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  1. Jeanine

    I wonder if you realize just how amazing you truly are…your in my thoughts and i pray for things to get better for you.

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