J-Tube and Eating!

Hey everyone,

Last Friday my J-tube fell out which is the feeding tube in my small bowel. I had a problem getting it back in so we went to the Emergency Room. I hate that terrible feeling of uncertainty. Once  I got there, I was there for hours. The doctor at Columbia was awesome but unfortunately was unable to find a feeding tube in the entire hospital. Its all about politics. I was completely and utterly embarrassed for them and shocked that they didn’t have a feeding tube. I went home with a NG tube or a nasal gastric tube in the track, just to keep it open. With no feeds over the weekend, I had such an incentive to eat. It was amazing, I was eating and it feels normal!!

On Monday I went back to clinic and they killed me trying to put in this tube. It was eventually put in, after clamps(medical scissors) were place in the hole to dilate it. I was sore for the entire week but am now back on my feet and pushing to eat. Today I had American white cheese for the first time, granted it was a bite but boy o boy it was great. I eat turkey sandwiches, chicken cutlets breaded and chicken legs. I had a pop tart for the first time the other day. Also I have been eating waffles and trying to expand my menu slowly. I just made myself a chicken meatloaf so I will let you know how that goes but it sure smells great.

Well the good news for me  was that Dr. Kato placed the J-tube without interventional radiology and it was studied for placement, and it was in the track. This was a blessing in disguise because I am eating now more than a week ago. I will keep you updated on whats going on in my life and the past experiences we are going to all talk about!



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  1. Ahhhh, another day in a transplant’s life 😉 Hang in there. You’re an inspiration angel. -s

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